The Woodlands Skunk Trapping

skunk removal The WoodlandsSkunks are one of the most popular species of wildlife that we are called upon for removal in The Woodlands. They can be found living in crawlspaces, under front and rear porch and patio and basements in homes and businesses throughout Texas. They also take up residence under sheds, in hot tubs and outbuildings. An elevated shed is perfect for raising a family.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of them is the awful smell. They can spray children, pets, and members of your household. Even if a member of your family isn’t directly sprayed, they can spray animals on your property and leave a long lasting unpleasant odor. Attempting to remove them yourself puts you at an increased risk of being sprayed. We take care of odor free skunk removal throughout Montgomery County, Texas. Hiring a professional the safest way to remove these striped critters and it’s also the easiest.

Odor Free Skunk Trapping

Skunk trapping should only be attempted by people who understand the danger this animal can present. We know this danger first hand. We have the tools and training to safely handle these animals. There is always a possibility of getting sprayed when trapping a skunk. This often happens when they feel endangered. We know the best ways to trap and remove them. Some of the area we can help are:

  • Under the House
  • Clean Up
  • Relocation
  • Exclusion
  • Odor Remediation

They commonly use a front or rear porch and patio to rear their young. Removal of babies or kits from a porch or patio is a very unique process that should be professionally resolved. You may or may not smell them living under your home. If it has sprayed recently, the odor will follow. We offer deodorization services and odor removal.

It is common to find them living in a crawlspace. They can quickly cause damage as they will defecate and urinate there. This will contaminate the insulation and soil. These droppings should be removed to control diseases. We know how to get rid of this pest animal and have years of experience with them. It is one of our specialties.

Skunk Removal

Getting rid of a skunk is a process that should be carried out with proper planning and procedures. This can be done in an efficient manner with the proper tools and training. If I had one in my home, I would want a professional that could remove them quickly and humanely. They will dig for grubs, a process called “grubbing” in lawns and landscapes. Grubs are a great source of protein for them.

They also carry rabies, distemper and mange. These diseases can be transmitted to humans and pets. Make sure your pets have been vaccinated against these harmful and fatal diseases.

A dead Skunk under the porch, patio or crawlspace is a service that we perform. This can include the deodorization of the area. They do occasionally die in unusual places and they must be removed as soon as possible. We have even found one in a wall. Leaving it will only make the problem worse and cause further damage to your home and attract other animals and insects. Removing them is the first step to making your home healthy again. Get rid of them the right way, before the problem gets out of control.