Bat Removal The Woodlands

bat removal The WoodlandsIn The Woodlands, bat Removal and control is a problem that we find regularly. They are the only mammals that can truly fly and their presence throughout the state of Texas is felt every time you go outdoors.

Bat removal should not be attempted by an inexperienced person as their guano is a breeding ground for insects. They also can also carry diseases that may be spread to you or your pets. These critters are vulnerable to rabies so call now to get rid of them in Montgomery County Texas.

Our Team knows the best and safest way to remove bats from your home.  We will get them out and then exclude the home and attic to prevent their return.

Services that we offer:

  • Bat Removal
  • Exclusion And Proofing
  • Guano Cleanup
  • Home Damage Repair
  • Attic Cleanup Restoration

Here we have the big Brown, the little Brown, the silver haired, the long eared and the free tailed. All of them make the surrounding areas of The Woodlands their home. There are many solutions to handle your problem. The most complete and permanent is Exclusion.

Exclusion And Proofing

Wildlife exclusion involves the sealing of the entire structure. Only one opening is left open for the these mammals to escape. It is critical to install a one-way door. Your goal is to allow them to leave and not return. After several days and a good, thorough inspection the remaining gap or hole is sealed.

Bats in the Attic

The most common call that we receive bats in the attic. These critters can become a problem in the attic when their numbers become large enough. When it builds to an infestation you add clean up of guano to the list.

This is an alarming problem and it will not cure itself. Once these creatures have found a suitable place to live, they will continue to roost in that area for as long as possible. If you want to eliminate the problem you should hire a professional. The Woodlands is home to many different beneficial types of bats. However, they should not be a welcome guest in your home. Call a professional in The Woodlands today.

Damage Repair Clean Up

Once they are removed, your home may be left with a need for bat damage repair in The Woodlands. Urine often soaks insulation in most homes. It smells and damages the insulation over time. Guano droppings can pile up into large mounds. In extreme cases it may even cause structural damage. To make matters worse, guano is both flammable and explosive. To keep bat problems from coming back, we need to seal up every nook and fix any damage. We are experts in carpentry and can repair any damage to look like new.

Our team has the tools to safely remove stained insulation from your home and then replace with new. We have the proper equipment to prevent the spread of disease causing guano and make your attic livable again.